AI-based complete investment platform

The first complete AI investment platform. Based on most innovative AI methods:

  • most advanced neural networks (ResNet/DenseNet, LSTM, GAN autoencoders)
  • Reinforcement learning for risk control and position sizing based on Alpha Zero
  • Operates fully automatic on over 200 markets
  • Achieves highest possible level of diversification and risk management.

Pattern identification

using most advanced neural networks

Most profitable patterns are identified by machine learning algorithms - neural networks - ResNet/DenseNet, LSTM, GAN autoendocers. Data streams are preprocessed real time using advanced wavelets transformation and adaptive normalization.

Reinforcement learning

based on Alpha Zero algorithm

Monte Carlo Tree Search with ResNet value networks is used in similar way to Alpha Zero algorithm for position sizing and risk management. It allows, as for GO, to achieve superhuman level in investments.

Complete solution

for trading over 200 markets

It is complete trading solution for automatic trading using AI based strategies in over 200 markets, in 5 time intervals, using over 10 trading strategies simultaneously.

This solution is intended only for regulated entities conducting investment activity. It is not addressed to individual investors.