Money-making machine

AI Investments have harnessed the power of AI to revolutionize investments. While the pandemic was raging the world, the founders trained and evaluated their AI system using personal savings, yielding exceptional results. It went so well that today, they are multiplying investors’ money and believe they are paving the way for a new digital future.
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AI Investments uses advanced AI methods for developing robust investments strategies

AI Investments Ltd is a fintech start-up that was founded to create an innovative platform for optimizing financial portfolio management using the most advanced AI and deep learning solutions available on the market.
Our goal is to create the first, fully automated, AI-based trading solution. We are implementing different trading strategies and support them with AI methods.
We are using AI for financial time series prediction and risk control/position size management.
AI Investments Ltd was established in 2018 by an experienced manager and investor Dominik Libicki (co-founder of Insignis TFI) and successful trader and IT system architect Pawel Skrzypek.
The Luxembourg registered Omphalos Fund started to use AI Investments technology for investments portfolio management in November of 2021.AII solution is offered as a Software as a Service platform for investment companies, hedge funds and proprietary trading companies. It could be used in two models:
With AI Investments strategies, customized and parametrized for given customers in terms of risk, position-sizing, frequency of trading.
As a generic assets pricing forecasting to support customer’s investment strategies with AI capabilities.AI Investments utilizes the latest scientific results in the area of artificial intelligence to build their products. In particular advanced deep learning architectures customised for time-series prediction are used for building predictive models for financial instruments [1,2]. These predictions are then fed to the trading  strategies developed with the help of reinforcement learning algorithms [3]. Deeper understanding of the algorithm’s decisions is obtained using the state of the art algorithms for analysing the influence of input factors on the predictions [4].
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AI Investments presented on DataScienceGO 2019 in San Diego

AI Investments will be presented on DataScienceGO 2019 conference in San Diego 27-29.10.2019 . The presentation “Complex AI Forecasting Methods for Investments Portfolio Optimization” will be shown 28.10.2019 at 12:00 and will be presented by AI Investments CTO Paweł Skrzypek.

If you plan to be there we warmly invite to our presentation, we will show details of the most advanced AI methods for assets portfolio optimization using Monte Carlo Tree Search with neural networks. Also, the state of the art time series forecasting methods, based on M4 Competition winners, will be presented. Finally the comparison of the investments results achieved thanks to AI comparing to traditional methods will be shown.

The Data Science Conference
2019/10/27-29 | Hilton Bayfront | San Diego, CA.

Investments simulations using serverless computing

AI Investments method requires huge number of computation. It won’t be possible without using the latest advancements in Cloud Computing. Thanks to serverless model AI Investment is able to compete with the investments giants which have unlimited budget for computing power.